Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shane Bond Back As A Bowling Coach Of New Zeland

Bond signed on to replace Damien Wright as the national team's bowling coach.

Having retired from the game a little more than two years ago, Bond has spent the intervening time studying up as a coach, and will now bring his combination of recent experience, empathy and a reputation as one of the most feared pace bowlers of the past decade to help add a greater edge to New Zealand's bowling stocks.

He has a significant task ahead of him, with New Zealand facing tours of Sri Lanka and South Africa before a meeting with England at home. These battles against higher ranked sides brought eh best out of Bond as a bowler, but he must now contend with them as a mentor.

"Playing for New Zealand was the highlight of my career from a professional point of view and I thought that once I finished I'd have something to offer," Bond said in Auckland. "The last couple of years have been about preparing myself to perhaps have the opportunity to take this role, and I'm just rapt that I got it.

"I'm pretty clear on what I want to do and it's just a matter of getting some buy-in from those guys. I think there's a respect there between myself and the players, I certainly won't go in with a dictator's point of view, and I think it's just working alongside those guys and getting the best out of them."

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