Sunday, 25 November 2012

Muhammad Amir wants second chance

I wants second chance as everyone gets:

"If [Marlon] Samuels can make it then there is no reason why I can't make it," said Mohammad Amir, 20, and three years away from completing his ban for his involvement in the spot-fixing scandal in 2010.

"I want to come back with my head held high, with a new spirit and as a role model," he said. "I accepted everything and pleaded guilty only to give myself peace.

"I know there were things that shouldn't have happened, but I can't change my past. It is obviously tough staying away from cricket; I am coping with hell at the moment and nobody can understand how difficult it is to live away from cricket. I made a mistake and paid the price for it, but everyone gets a second chance and I want it too."

Amir said the biggest lesson the scandal has taught him is to be cautious when making friends. "I am cautious about trusting people. Just because a person appears to be nice doesn't mean he is a good friend. He is obviously not if he pulls you down when he sinks himself."

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