Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pakistan wants to invite Indian players for PPL

"Pakistan will be sent invite to India players for PPL",Zaka Ashraf:

LAHORE - Although the Pakistan Premier League (PPL) looks like a distant possibility, with no fixed dates and plans being kept behind closed doors, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Zaka Ashraf has confirmed that an invite will be sent out to the Indian players for the event's maiden edition.
“It's up to them whether they want to take part or not but the PCB will send out an invitation,”Ashraf was quoted as saying.

“My aim is to do whatever I can to put the relations between the two boards back on track because the fans want to see Pakistan and India in action,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ashraf severely criticised the Punjab government and said the unwanted interference - bringing down a wall of Gaddafi Stadium - could harm Pakistan's image and also the prospects of holding PPL matches in the province.

 “Politics should be kept separate from sports because it'll hurt Pakistan's image. We are trying to launch the revival of international cricket here and the Punjab government is doing such things. We can't even think of hosting an international team or a league match in Punjab in the current scenario,” Ashraf said.

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